Thursday, February 23, 2006

Figure Skating: Surprize Upset

Shizuka ArakawaSasha CohenIrina Slutskaya


Figure Skating: Surprize Upset

Miss Arakawa got the gold!Japan has not had the gold in this sport for years if ever! She was so excited! her performance was flawless!

Sasha Cohen, U.S., had a very striking and memorably choregraphed performance. However, she suffered from some weaknes in his hip which made her fall twice while executing a double spin. Choen had moved the judges so much by her tenacity and her refusal to settle for a mediocre finish that thye rewarded her with the silver!

Slutskaya won the bronze for her strong movements and her bold strokes in her modern dance.




sugar1337 said...

One of my best friends like watching them.

queeniemart said...

i havent watched one minute of the Olympics! Can you imagine? LOVE, lisa

monponsett said...

To any young men reading this... you want strong hips on your girls.