Monday, February 6, 2006

My Space: Are Teens Safe here?

My Space: Are Teens Safe Here?


February 6, 2006



lisbnjvi said...

I saw this on "Dateline" and was mortified!  But, I am not surprised.  My daughter has girls in her school that are on MySpace ALL the time and have had men want to meet them!!  She has told them in no uncertain terms that if they do, they may end up dead.  Guess I have trained her well huh?  I don't EVER allow my children on the web without me monitoring them at all times, nor will they ever have the internet in their bedrooms.  SCARY!
Hugs and love,

sugar1337 said...

It is the parents job to watch their kids....and it isn't anything but the parents responsiblity if their child winds up dead.  I mean it isn't that hard to talk to your kids about the dangers of meeting people online and to ask them to show you what pictures they put up of themselves online....and if they won't then it isn't that hard for the parent to go online and look it up themselves.  My space is a website for the older crowd and you can make your profile private on there so only your friends can see it, and you aren't supposed to be on there if you are under really it isn't the websites fault that people are making stupid decisions.

sunnyside46 said...

mY CHILD LIVES ON HER mYSPACE. oUR COMPUTER IS IN THE LIVING ROOM WHERE WE ALL CAN SEE WHAT 'S GOING ON. i WOULD NEVER LET HER HAVE PRIVATE ACCESS TO A COMPUTER.I dont know why my caps were on there. Sorry for yelling. She reads me stufff off of it all the time. I think if is a good hobby except I would like for her to get off of it & study occasioanlly.

queeniemart said...

My 17 yr old has a page on myspace. I police what she does and writes. You have to!
Love, lisa

yeolecontractor said...