Monday, February 6, 2006

Brokeback Mountain Seen As Clear Winner

Brokeback Mountain Seen as Clear Winner

Brokeback Mountain is now seen as a clear winner and perhaps it will win numerous oscars.The script is said to be crisp, the plot, original and realistic and the acting , exquisite!

What do you think? Will you go see it?Do you think it deserves a spot as number one?


psychfun said...

I just saw it Saturday & if it doesn't win Big I will be very disappointed. It was Beautiful! The crisp colors of the sky & landscape, the unique shots, the story line & the message within the story line were just amazing! Each character played an amazing role! I also give those gentleman so much respect for acting in this film when they know it might cause some grief. They should be rewarded for taking that chance & making people think!

Interestingly, a friend of mine in a different state told me when she went to see it there were all older people there. A theater of grey hair is what she said. Funny, I experienced the same thing. Made me wonder why? Perhaps older adults are seeking to understand their children who are gay & they were of this time period & now want to understand? I don't know but I was fascinated by that. I mean I thought they would have resisted the most or complained about it. More woman than men there but women outlive men too? I didn't see anyone, even males, leave the theater so?

There is another movie "Imagine Me & You" also out in theaters now:

Well see what happens to that one?

firestormkids04 said...

If this garbage is truly the "heart of America" - I'm leaving town!  It may be well written, wonderful and poignant, but I cannot see glorifying aberrant behavior.  I've probably said enough now to get me into a great deal of trouble.  Blessings, Penny

sugar1337 said...

I think it was a great movie, and those that don't like for its' content are homophobic truly and that is very sad...I mean I know people that aren't big fans of supporting gay rights, but they still found the movie moving.  The funny thing is that if it were just a regular love story everyone would be singing it's praises....sad that there are too many bigots out in the world that condemn love in any form that doesn't suit their tastes.

sunnyside46 said...

I havent' seen it yet but I plan on it. It sounds like a good storyl It is a mystery to me why people still are afraid of those who may not be like them.The more love in the world, the better off we all are.

bgilmore725 said...

I haven't seen it, but will most definitely!