Thursday, February 23, 2006

A Tribute to Ondine Monet in San Francisco

A Tribute to Ondine Monet Jlander

Check out Carly's blog, called Ellipsis...Suddenly Carly.

She has a beautiful drawing of a mermaid which depicts her rich fantasy life and her deep love of the earth and the sea.

Carly writes about her intersting times growing up. She lives in Berkley, across the bay from San Francisco.Her poetry and her prose go well with her journals, and she takes pictures when she travels and incorporates her pictures and her travelling journal into her blog.

Carly loves cats! Carly's cat Elvis has a unique personality.I I was particulary taken with Elvis and I love it when he licks his stuffed animals!

Carly has manyfriends here and she cares for people in a very real way which is reflected in her beautiful stories.






monponsett said...

I love Monet.

yeolecontractor said...

After Visiting "Ellipses..
(a journal of Odine Monet)

I search the ruble of words
to express the feelings I get
from feasting on your pictures
but haven't found them yet.

How you evoke powerful
auras in all your layouts
I accept it as your spirit
making regular payouts.

Stunning does not touch
what I am trying to say
nor simply will beautiful
explain it a better way.

I'll just ramble in my attempts
to bring the accolades on thru
and wallow in the lovliness
so gorgeously presented by you.

Del Cano 2005 March
Each of your pictures is a stunning moment captured in time.
Thank you for bringing a bit of serenity to my world.


ondinemonet said...

Aww Natalie :)

This was a very sweet entry you did for me. :) It is truly touching. Thank you so much for your kind words and friendship. :) You are a lovely, and considerate person. :)

Always, Carly :)

plittle said...

Hey, Nat. Check out my latest post.

lurkynat said...

Ondine You are such a treasure to us all! Great friend, great person, wonderful photographer, terrific writer and mother to a famous cat ; Elvis!:):):)
We love you so Carly!
deep bow, your natalie!

lurkynat said...

ok Paul I agree! You write well! :):) fantastic! and thanks !

mavarin said...

What a nice tribute to one of my favorite people! - Karen

gaboatman said...

You could not have chosen a better journal or a more interesting person to highlight in this post.  Carly is a facinating individual who offers great gems in her journal and always seems to give us a tasty sample of her creative genious.  Her skill with a camera is at the professional level.  Her journal has been a favorite read of mine since I started my own journal here in J-Land.