Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A story - They Went at Dusk - A teen adventure

This is a true story . The names have been changed!

They Went at Dusk

They went to the forest in the evening; John carried a large puppy, Serena carried a smaller one. Serena's friend went with them. John wanted to celebrate the great seminar he had put together. He passed the sign and told the women"let's go this way!"He was elated and walking into the national forest was a cahrge too.

They really enjoyed the scenery for the next two and a half hours: the beautiful trees shivered slightly in the cold and there was a silvery quality on the bark.

However, after three hours John became uneasy; he noticed that he did not know where theywere. In fact the scenerey did not look familiar. He had walked up on top of these hills wiht his freinds on many an occasion and this troubled him. He sighed. He thought back; he had followed the signs that were posted; however he had not arrived where he had anticipated. "Serena?" "yes?" " I am not familiar with this part. Something is wrong."

Serena's back stiffened. No one had brought provisons for the nightfall and she was defiantely hungry. She knew that John did not have food either.She clutched her littel puppy tighter to herself."Well," he reflected, we just have to make it out of here." "Did we follow the signs?" she asked.

John thought... the signs... oh no! Someone had switched the signs!"oh..Serena? I think someone switched the signs around! I did get out alst time with Ian but the signs took me out of the woods!"

He sighed.

There was apatch of glacial beautiful ice underneath them all of the sudden and he slipped; clutching the puppy, instead of falling, he and the dog were hanging from a tree on a rock embankment.

The three walked for hours; theri muscles spasmed. At one point John's muscles would not go on and he fell.

Serena's friend Sarah went and helped him get up.

Serena gritted her teeth. They walked for the rest of the night around the hills . Finally they ame out at a vilalge across from their town. Three houses were dimly lit adn as they rang the bell people refused to answer theri doors. Finally a friendly Englishman wiht two labradors answered the door. When he saw the three young people , exhasted and drawn, he offered them water adn granola bars. "Thank you!! Oh and May we have the telephone please?"He handed them teh telephone. "Ian please come and get us!" John said.

"I'll be right there! " Ian said. And he was. The exhasted oung peole went home. It had been an exhasting night. It was five in  the morning.



sugar1337 said...

It is always scary when you get lost out there.

gaboatman said...

What's really scary is that someone would change the signs around on purpose causing people to get lost in the forest.  It's not only malicious, it's dangerous.  Someone could die as a result of such behavious.

sunnyside46 said...

did this happen to your son?

monponsett said...

The story would be cooler with the sudden introduction of a sister named Venus.

princesssaurora said...

How scary... this was true??

be well,

bgilmore725 said...

Was this a recent incident? You wrote in the beginning it was true. Are you going to share any other details, or leave us hanging in suspense? Either way, I enjoyed reading it.  : - )   Bea