Monday, February 20, 2006

Shan Davis is First African American To Win Gold



Shan Davis First African American To win a Gold Medal In the Olympics!

Shan Davis is so exciting to watch!His speed and determination are rare to behold! He is very exciting!

This was history in the  making and Mr. Davis did such a wonderful job that reporters watching him were astonished! Bravo!


psychfun said...

His name is Shani though.

lurkynat said...

thanks Deborah! Aol won't let me edit now so I'll come back tomorrow!

yeolecontractor said...

Indeed, Shani Davis, is the first of African descent, to win a Gold Metal in speed skating. He has a long history of winning in skating which has gone pretty much unnoticed.

Earned World Championship medals in the 5,000-meter relay in 2005(bronze and 2004 (silver)
2004 World Allround Championships and World Single Distance champion in the 1500-meter (long track)
2003, 2004 U.S. Allround Champion
2003 U.S. Long Track 1500-meters and 10,000-meters champion, 2004 5000-meter champion and silver medalist in the 1500-meters and 10,000-meters
Became first American to make two junior world teams (short track and long track) in the same year (2004)
Tallest American skater at 6’ 2”, which is rare for a sport dominated by shorter skaters that race lower to the ice – “I think it [the size] hurts me a lot,” Davis said.
Switched to ice speed skating from rollerskating at an early age when introduced to the sport by his mother's boss
Enjoys Taekwondo, aquarium building, and fish and is interested in becoming a marine biologist


princesssaurora said...

First african american in the winter olympics... the summer has had that feat already... a long time ago, Jesse Owens in 1936 I believe!


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reej2264 said...

Congratulations, you made a lot of people very proud.  REJones