Sunday, February 19, 2006

Jlanders To Help one Another

JLanders to Help One Another

Our illustrious teacher and resident writer, John Scalzi, asked us to talk about things that we do to help each other.Here is JLand people have suffered many losses and yet they have hung in together, prayed together, communicated a lot! I think that that is big!

We have had lots of things come up here as individuals and as a group and I was thinking that we have really persevered, listened to each other, tried harder, and tuned in to each other's lives.

We have shared more things, learned more things, made more friends and survived more calamities

than I remember ever reading about in the newspaper.

We have helped make this community stronger by branching out, reaching out more, thinking in creative ways.I think that our society needs people like Jlanders so we can survive and grow more than ever before!


gaboatman said...

One might think of J-Land as a microcosm of our society.  When we, as a society lose the sense of community we are lost.  In this day and age when doors must remain locked for security, this electronic medium allows us to expose ourselves to others in a relatively safe invironment and share.  Through this sharing we have created an electronic community very much like the small social communities which stretched all the way across this great land in a gentler time.

sugar1337 said...

Well said...communication is definately an important part of any good relationship/friendship and here that is what you get.  

monponsett said...

I done my damndest.

bgilmore725 said...

You said it very well, Nat. And that does make a big difference. Bea