Sunday, March 12, 2006

My Best of Blogs, Part II

My Best of Blogs, Part II

Shermeen is a wonderful young woman who attends London Metropolitan University; currently majoring in Politics and International Relations. She is deeply n love with Adam and much of her writing speaks to that deep love.She also writes about London, England and her busy life there; juggling her study time with spending time with Adam and her siblings and cousins. A great read!

Dan, "DPoemP.", is a great humorist and awriter from the frozen tundra of Wisconsin.His descriptive power,humor,and compassion for his feelow man all contribute to his work. Dan's written many short stories, poems, plays and essays; however, these days, he's recently been focusing his creative efforts into the writing of two novels.Let's hope he gets them finished soon.Dan says to stop by and say hello!He says he has pony-rides and free cake for the first 50 visitors. a DistractedMind/

Marti's blog

Marti lives in Alabama in a middle sized coastal town. Her best friend on life's adventures is her husband Tom.Her girls are 15 and 24 and they are the two greatest teachers that she has.

She is blessed with a huge extended family related not by blood but by love. The thing in her life that she is rpudest of is that on her 49th birthday she had such a party that the porch collapsed from the weight of the revelers!One of those great problems in too much food for the fridge, too much money to fit in your of all is too many friends for the porch!

Porch Stories

Karen Blocher lives in Tucson, Arizona where she is teh author of magazine articles, unpublished Mavarin and Joshua Wander novels. She's marreid and she works as an accountatn nd a church webmaster.She writes Outpost Mavarin about the wonders of life and writing.

Messages from Mavarin is more about the fantasy of the writing experience.


Musings from Mavarin

Bea's blog

Bea's blog has been acombination of fun reading/writing and introspection. Her earliest entry was about an ant habitat tahtshe started at a teacher work shop in Pisgah National Forest. She wrote about it for two weeks.

In the fall, as a part of the STARBASE prgram that came to her school, she got to ride in the Black Hawk helicopter.

Dianna's journal is poignant. She is engaged.

She features exceptional poetry and her own graphics.

Tina's blog

She says that her blog is her effort to sum up what is going on inside of her head and outside of her head and trying to make sense of the two.



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I should check some of these out. : )

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Very nice, Nat. Thanks for the mention! You hit the important points. I'm going to visit your selections in both entries. Bea

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Thanks, Nat! I'm glad to see that you featured Bea also.  as for the rest - I guess I have some blog jogging to do!  -Karen (Outpost) (Messages - fiction)

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Thanks so much, Natalie ... how nice of you to mention me.  I appreciate it !  Tina

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Hey!  Thanks for putting me in you list, Nat.  But, my link's not there...  So, let's put it here:

Stop by and say hello!  Today, we have pony-rides and free cake for the first 50 visitors.  

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thank you ! I guess I better make an entry so folks will have something to read.

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