Monday, March 6, 2006

McCartneys Fight Baby Seal Slaughter in Canada

CNN Larry King Live

McCartneys Fight Baby Seal Slaughter

Larry King hosted a talk show about the McCartney's visit last week to Canada. It was an effort to stop the needless slaughter of many baby seals with big clubs in islands in Canada. The seal fur is used for coats.

Paul and Heather condemned the act in the name of the Humane Society. What is your opinion?

I wish that more Americans had the ability ( time and money) btw to travel up to Canada. We could learn much about our neighbors and gain  much needed insight into their problems.


readmereadyou said...

I didn't see this show but I have watched this type of thing before and it just sickens me. God bless them for trying to help.

sugar1337 said...

It is one thing to kill because you must or for food, but they just leave the bodies there and just take the skin...that isn't hunting to me...that is slaugther.