Thursday, March 30, 2006

Mel Gibson's new film Apolcalypto


March 2006

Mel Gibson and Apolcalypto

Mel Gibson is producinga new film that will come out in August under the Disney label about the Mayan civilsation and the human slavery and human scarifices that it featured around the 600s in Mexico and Guatemala.The leadesr at that time sad thta more sacrifices had to be made and more temples had to be built if the crops were to be good.

The writers of this movie had hoped that this would somehow be a rallying call to us for our sanity to prevail. What do you think?

And will you go see it?

I enjoy Mel Gibson usually so I am curious about it.


sugar1337 said...


lisbnjvi said...

I lost all respect for Mel Gibson when he did that "last" movie.  I no longer watch any of his movies.  
Hugs and love,

sunnyside46 said...

I dont' know much about it. How will it help "sanity prevail?" I generally want to be entertained by movies, I probably wouldn't like it.Human sacrifice while eating Raisinettes just does't sound too appealing, KWIM?

ewtrmln said...

there has been so many movies put in theatres that seriously a waste of brain matter just going to view them. stars that play roles in lots of films they should have said no to.

i enjoy watching movies that open thes of the people to the cultures and insanity of times before our times began and if my saying that mel gibson has really captured my attention in some his directing then hey, whatever.

we need to seek, search and learn the cultures of other plights besides our own and realize that slavery, kidnapping and crimes of sickening deaths did occur.