Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Dana Reeves, wife of Christopher Reeves, passed away

Dana Reeves Passed Away Today


Dana Reeves, the wife of Christopher Reeves, passed away from lung cancer.She was a wonderful person, beloved by her husband, son and many people in the world.She gave up her work in the entertainment business for ten years to be with her husband after he became paralysed in a horseback riding accident. She was a great role model because she and her husband set up a foundation for the research into paralysis ( stem cell reserach).

She returned to acting for a few years before she died at Christopher's insistence.

I will miss her warmth, her strength in the face of great sorrow, her unrelentles optimism and her fighting spirit. She refused to bend to sorrow and pessimism.

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sugar1337 said...

I just really feel sorry for their son...he has lost so much!

jbharleyjim said...

thru the struggle and the heart ache that this family went thru to death of such a beloved actor in my heart he will always be superman to me and then to see that Dana passed on I can only hope that they are together in the realm my heart goes out to there son he has been thru so much already but he should know that his parents are fine and will always be watching over him
Sierra Sky