Thursday, January 4, 2007

A hero saves a life in New York!What do you make of that?

Google assembled these pictures

Mr. Autry Saved a Man in New York Rail System


Jan. 5, 2007

According to CBS anchors, Mr. Autry saved a man in New York City. The amn had fallen inot the train track, unconscious. Mr. Autry secured his two kids momentarily with two onlookers(nice women he said) and he jumped onto the tracks as the train was coming his way. He wanted to avoid injury for the man so he pulled the man's arms over as he lied on top of him virtually ending up under the train!

What do you say to this heroic act? Please leave comments.TY



lifesabench6 said...

I read that story early yesterday and was so happy to see a good story- a happy story in the news for a change!  I think that man did an incredibly Christ like thing- willing to lay down his life for a stranger.  I thank God they both came through without injuries and I am really proud to know there are still regular heroes out there (not to mention soldiers, police and firefighters)  just a guy on the street that did a totally unselfish act.  I wish the news media would focus more on these kinds of positive stories!  We need more of them.  Thanks Natalie!  Carolyn

helmswondermom said...

I read about this in AOL news.  That was a very brave thing that man did.

libragem007 said...

How do I make of this news?
.....that there is still good left in this world! I'd love to meet him in person and thanks him for setting an example.
Gem :-)