Thursday, January 4, 2007

Asexual people: what do you make of it?(From a Montel show on CBS)

Asexual People Grant Interview on Montel


January 5, 2007

Asexual people are born with absolutely no desire for sex.

Montel interviewed some very good looking and seemingly well-balanced young people who had no desire for sex whatsoever; they never did have one.

What would be your reaction to these comments? Tell us!


ps there is a best selling book about this phenomena  if youa re interested.


sugar1337 said...

I think it is sad personally, sex is a great part of life and love.  If I had that problem, I would be going to every doctor I could to try to fix it through hormones and the like if it was possible.

aimer said...

I've read about this and I'm still confused.  It seems like such a loss.  Sexual intimacy isn't the only form of intimacy but it certainly is a significant form of human interaction.--Sheria

jst1dreamr said...

Asexuality is a misunderstood subject. Asexual people are not all "born" with no desire for sex. I am asexual, I was sexual in my past. I was married and I have children and grandchildren. There is nothing physical preventing me from being sexual. I just don't have any interest in sex itself. I am very romantic and intimacy is a big part of my relationships and I enjoy the beauty of the female body as much as any man does but for me intimacy stops at sex. I can't gaurantee that I will feel this way for the rest of my life but I have felt this way for alot of years now.

I hope that one day society will receive the education and understanding of asexuality that they receive about other sexual orientations.

lurkynat said...

Dear Dreamer,
I hope that your dream comes true and that asexual people will get the same respect as others. It is true that some popel become this way, and it is true that others are born this way.
Best Reguards,

orliaurelijah said...

Well, I'm asexual, and I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything. You don't miss what you never knew. To me, it's even a mystery as to why everyone is so sex-obsessed.

I invite you to go to and read more about it....and you can also ask questions on the forum,