Saturday, January 20, 2007

Do you Prefer Cats or Cheese?:Scalzi's assignment

Google assembled these pictures

(John Scalzi's assignment)

Do you Prefer Cats or Cheese?

Let us know!

I like cats better myself. They are cute, inventive,and they like to explore! ummm... John and Krissy have a very kind cat. I think that is important!

Dan's cat is... well..different!

And Guido (Pharmolo) lost his cat. He writes that he sometimes looks at cats in his village because he misses his!He is another admirer!

Jeanettes' cats, well.. they are appreciated by Jland!

And Elvis,(carly's cat) , he is Really famous! He is awesome!

I wonder if Angela has a cat... I think Liz and Mary Jo may...hmmmmm..oh and how about Paul's family?huh?

Let us know about your feelings towards cats.

If you prefer cheese, which kind? why?




hadonfield78 said...

I definately prefer cheese...................
Cats wont sit still long enough to put on a Ham sandwich..............  J/K... he he he

ondinemonet said...


Elvis is famous? Tee Hee. He will want a raise now! LOL. Thanks for the mention darlin!

Always, Carly

bobandkate said...

Defintely cats for me Natalie.

lifesabench6 said...

Hey Nat!  I don't have any pet cats anymore (dogs, pigs and chickens are not cat compatible!)  but I do love cats a lot.  I also love cheese!  Mozorella, Provalone and sometimes swiss are my favorites, monterey jack too!  I like goofy questions that make me smile!  Thanks!  Have a great week, God Bless!  love Carolyn:)

am4039 said...


erarein63 said...


cayasm said...

Cats!! I absoulutly adore mine


sugar1337 said...

I did an entry on it....