Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What Do you Think: Obama and Wright

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8 a.m. today
Obama told the press that he did not agree , as previously stated, with Reverend Wright's statements that "Americans had given Africans the HIV virus" and that "Americans had caused 911".
Then he surprised me. He said that America has so much racism that America will have to talk about it and change it.
He said that many poor people are discriminated against.
Do you feel that this is true?
What is your opinion?
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sunnyside46 said...

I definitely feel racism is still a problem
I am very disappointed. I thought by this jtime we would be past it.
I stood by the flagpole in high school to welcome new black students when segregation ended
I felt like part of the dream
I am sad when I see distrust among races.
I feel the gap between rich and poor is widening. with all the technology needed to succeed in school now, there is less opportunity for poor kids to get by.
It's harder to get into college when you dont' have money, too. Less grants adn loans are available
Thanks for letting me sound off

lifesabench6 said...

I find it incredibly hard to believe that someone who has been in the company of someone described as a mentor, friend, pastor, leader and father figure- would claim to not know or not heard these comments before.  I find it interesting that folks like these are "preaching" to not succumb to the middle class mentality while living in their half million dollar homes in nice neighborhoods.  I find it interesting that with all this country has offered to those who are willing to work for what they get- that they seem to not appreciate this country.  I find it interesting that a CHurch- is more devoted to a country that is not their home- than to the Lord Jesus who is their Rock.  I find it interesting that the only folks who claim there is a race problem are those who have much to gain by making race an issue- such as political reasons, monetary reasons or limelight reasons such as  the "Rev's" A Sharpton, J Jackson and  J. Wright.  Those who use race and make much out of race are bound to make more problems than what actually exists.  I would be very wary about a person running for the highest office of this country who makes issues out of race, who seems to be more willing to take the word of a 20 year relationship in which is preaching hatred, then deying the fact, then saying he didn't listen to that, then saying he disagrees, all the while saying that he looks  upon this man as like an opinionated Uncle- yet "disses" his own grandma who raised him because she was afraid to meet up with black men on a deserted street.  THIS, He is offended over.  I'd be afraid too-but not only with black men, any men if I were alone walking down the street!  Give me a break.  I'ts OK for Wright to say GD America- it's his right, but have someone like Jerry Falwell or James Dobson claim that this country is under judegement- they are hate mongers.  Please- Jesus is color blind and so AM I. A true Christian knows t

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

I personally am wanting Clinton in..however...I do see a great potential for Obama to be a great Leader...however..I feel that Hillary is the best choice for me at the time...I do still see and hear people of all walks is really do bad...I am happy to say that my children are taught not to be racist....I do however feel the the majority of people now days are not grandfather he still talks racist and it really makes me crawl.  Wishing you a great rest of the week..Hugs,TerryAnn