Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Holocaust Curriculum:IMportant? Or Not? AOL poll

Holocaust Curriculum in College: Important ?Or not? tell us: AOL poll.
John, our journal teacher these past few years, left in January. His mother, Penny, sent me a clip she wanted me to share with you.
Apparently the University of Kentucky has withdrawn its' Holocaust studies for fear of offending its' Islamic students. Please tell us your opinion of this act and leave your link.
Sincerely ,Natalie
the Holocause was a part of history. In no way were any Islamic or Arabic people involved in the Holocaust. Do you think that students need to knwo about it in order not to repeat the atrocities? thanks.


sunnyside46 said...

how crazy is that?

bhbner2him said...

All important events in history should be covered in any course, be they good ones, bad ones, offend someone or not.  But that said, most of that particular email was reported as UNTRUE by  Supposedly the ONLY school that has bowed to Muslim pressure not to teach it is one in England.  -  Barbara

pharmolo said...

Unacceptable. People HAVE to know, whether they like it or not

kamdghwmw said...

I had the oppertunity to speak with a jewish man earlier this year. I think he said it best. Most of the jews that did make it through the death camps are dying off. If we want the real history then we better start writing down everything that they say. This period of thime should be in our schools. The good the bad and the ugly. It is all part of history.

sugar1337 said...

I don't see how teaching a course like that impedes on anyone's right for people can just opt out not to take the class.  People try too much to be "PC" today it i is just erroneous.

garnett109 said...

History always repeats itself the only way to stop being repeated is to teach

lifesabench6 said...

HI NAT!!!!  Sorry, I've been so delinquent about coming by- I've been so busy!  Now that I'm here, I have to give a huge YES!  It is so very important to remember and teach about the Holocaust!  Just as it is important to teach about any other history, such as slavery and civil rights and the trail of tears etc. It is necessary to teach of past mistakes and tragedies so we do well not to ever repeat them.  If they are not taught, they are not learned- and somewhere down the road it will happen again.  If Islamic students are offended, they need not take the course.  Think of how offended the Jews who were murdered felt, along with the thousands of non Jews who tried to help hide and protect them!  God Bless you Nat, I hope you're doing well!  Carolyn