Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I Travel with you


Note: this is a tribute to a dear relative who must now travel seeking surgery.

I Travel with you
I Travel with you
you go
My thoughts are
in your thoughts
my heart
is bruised

Like you
I am
tossed and torn

And if
you leave
this world
I too
Will be forlorn

You shake
the morning sky
Bring joy
And cause
The birds to sing
Your spirit
Is so fair
I'd give
To hold you


libragem007 said...

Sincere poem written from the heart of yours. :-)

Gem :)

pharmolo said...

I hope your relative comes through the surgery well, and none the worse for the travel.

erarein63 said...


scottsoperson said...

mrs. obama said america is "just downright mean."

chaispice1023 said...

i'm afraid i'm a bit late in wishing your relative well...but i just found you.  it's a beautiful poem, straight from the heart.

thank you for stopping by my journal.

bgilmore725 said...